Webelos Woods 2018 is a Great Success!

Another fantastic Webelos Woods with help from Troops 312, 204, 1011 and the OA. We had 160+ Bears and Webelos competing for Spirit patrol all weekend. All had a great time.

Saturday morning the scouts helped the younger scouts with orienteering, Other games included the pancake cooking/clean up game, Quidditch game (Harry Potter fame) , Morse code game and a Trail to Eagle Orienteering course. The liquid Sunshine held off until late Saturday night...Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of raindrops hitting your tent.  All three troops took a little time off after serving as staff to sing songs and get to know each other.

Looking forward to next year!!! We NEED you! Webelos Woods and events like this do not run themselves. We have the plan for this event and can easily share it with some new leaders that want to help. Would you be willing to be on a Camping Committee to share ideas for Webelos Woods, Fall and Spring Family camping and Camporall? Contact Kes Stadler Kes [at] kesstadler.com or 404-274-6705

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