Webelos Woods 2017 - "Knot having a GOOD Time"

When: March 17-19, 2017

Where: Camp Emerson, Bert Adams Scout Reservation: Covington, Georgia

Cost: Scouts $10, Adults Free

Who Should Attend: Scouts who will be in the 4th & 5th grade for the 2017-18 school year and their adult leaders

What is Webelos Woods? It's a District-led Spring camping event for Bears and Webelos 1.

Its purpose for rising Webelos 1 and Webelos 2 Scouts is to ...

New Leaders to Webelos Woods should read this document, "Getting the most out of Webelos Woods," as well as attend one of the planning sessions in January or February.

Registration Deadline: March 13, 2017

How to Register: Packs should register as a group and not by individual Scouts. Registration and payment should be completed on the Atlanta Area Council website. http://www.atlantabsa.org/event/fh-webelos-woods/2058960

Special Instructions:

Special Instructions:
Each Bear and Webelos Scout should be working on and learning the following knots: (download PDF)
  • Square knot
  • Taut-line hitch
  • Two half hitches
  • Clove hitch
  • Bonus knot: Sheet bend
Troop  and Crew leaders:

We need some help running a few of the rotations Saturday March 18th. Looking for Scouts and crew members that can help for the day or come and spend the weekend with us. (March 17-19) The activities are already planned….we just need Scouts to help the Webelos and Bears with the rotations. I am specifically looking for help with the events during the day on Saturday…. Also need help teaching the Bears/Webelos how to tie the knots listed above and attached on a PDF...  Lunch will be provided if coming for the day. If you are staying for the weekend your Scouts will be invited to eat with a Webelos or Bear den. No cost to Scouts or leaders that attend. FYI….
If the individual troops approve, the boys can earn service hours. The Scouts can also work on camping and communication merit badges at WW2017. Plus the Scouts will get credit for camping nights if they sleep in a tent they pitched.
Questions? Please contact:
Camp Director/Scoutmaster: Kes Stadler: kstadler [at] mindspring.com, 404-274-6705
Senior Patrol Leader: Garrett Bailey: captain.garrett.bailey [at] gmail.com 678-294-0047


2017 Webelos Woods Flyer

Getting the Most out of Webelos Woods

Webelos Woods Knot-tying Reference

Camping Roster - Blank Form (MS Word format)

Duty Rosters: These are examples, lots of others can be found online:

Event Start Date: 
Friday, March 17, 2017 (All day)