Troop 008 Scouts Participate in NJROTC Event

Six Lassiter-Pope-Kell Navy Junior ROTC students who are also scouts in Troop 008 in Marietta participated in the Area Manager Inspection at Lassiter High School on 1/25/2017.

Left to right: Hunter Peterson, Jay Dungan, Owen Wilson, Zachary Baraji, Micah Ayers, Corey Leatherwood

Worth noting:

  • Hunter Peterson was the Platoon Leader for Delta Platoon
  • Jay Dungan was the Guide On (held the flag) for the Charlie Platoon
  • Jay Dungan, Zachary Baraji and Micah Ayers all were recognized during Uniform Inspection
  • Owen Wilson was part of Alpha Platoon who scored highest in the inspection

Good job NJROTC Cadets/Troop 008 Scouts!