April Roundtable Tonight!

Greetings, Foothills Family!

Our monthly District Roundtable is this THURSDAY, April 1st at 7:30 PM via ZOOM. Here is the registration link – Meeting Registration – Zoom

One snippet of the meeting can be highlighted in a note from Mike Lotz. “We are on a mission my friends and that mission is to deliver the best program on the planet to as many youth as we can reach. The last year has presented many challenges but we have managed to Scout On! This Thursday at Roundtable, we will have an open discussion about what has worked for units who have stayed active and what everyone’s plans for 2021 are. We will also brainstorm what needs to be done to get units more engaged and recruiting.”

There will be a Roll Call of Units during the meeting. This will be an opportunity each Unit to share successes and challenges. We are stronger together sharing and helping each other deliver a great program for our youth.

The Agenda is attached for reference and we look forward to visiting and working with you THIS THURSDAY at 7:30PM.

May we always be – Foothills forward!

Best regards,


Agenda: April ’21 Foothills Roundtable Agenda