Foothills Roundtable is a monthly supplemental training event led by the Foothills Commissioner staff and scout fellow leaders who have experience in your current leadership position. It is a uniformed event.  Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Varsity Leaders are welcome to attend no matter what position you hold in the unit.  We welcome all including parents, institutional heads and Charter organization reps.  

No matter your program area, we will find a place for you to fit in.  "There's always something new at Roundtable" is our motto and we strive to send you home with new knowledge, new skills, or something to use in your scouting unit.  

Our program starts with a gathering time and refreshments, opens with a combined session and "big rock topic" for all program areas and then breakouts for Scouts, Cubs, and Venturers.  Seperate job specific breakouts are then started to get to the "rea"l roundtable.  

Come and join in the fun.  


  • Maple Avenue United Methodist Church63 Maple Avenue, Marietta, GA 30064
  • FIRST Thursday of each month
    7:00 pm: Gathering & Refreshments
    7:30 - 9:00 pm: Roundtable Program

For more information about Roundtable, contact the appropriate leader below:

  • Assistant District Commissioner Roundtable: Tina Kerr, kerrtina770 [at]
  • Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner: Steve Carln, slcarlin [at]
  • Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner: Wayne Marcinko, waynemarcinko [at]
  • Venturing Forum Commissioner: Keven Hatcher, keven.hatcher [at]