District Committee

District Committee Meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of the month. Please see the District Calendar for more up to date information regarding the meeting time and location.

Meetings are presided over by the District Chairman. Reports from operating committees are heard as well as from the District Commissioner and District Executive. Current events and new business are discussed at the committee meeting. Nominations and elections for the District Officer and Committee-at-Large members are held annually at our November meeting.

If you are interested in getting involved on a District level, contact any member of the District Committee.

District Committee members are elected annually, and are nominated by the district nominating committee. Members at Large for 2019 are the following:

Ginny Acocella Lewis Hays Donald Ross
Deborah Alderman Mark Hellerstedt Duane Ruggles
Gail Allen Stephanie Hornbuckle Bill Russell
Scott Anderson Freddy Hunt Lauren Seidl
Garrett Bailey Rob Jannone Britta Smith
Harold Barnes Jr. David Jaracz Martin Smith
John Biggs Frank Jarrell Kes Stadler
Becky Borders Frank Jewell Gary Stephens
Darden Borders Tina Kerr Matthew Sulhoff
Cary Bradley Rob Kresge Rob Taylor
Stephen Carlin Michele Lavigne Hilary Thornton
John Carson John LaVoy Tommy Treat
Bob Cato Mike Lotz Kalee Vargo
Laurie Champion Pete Luxbacher Julie Vila
Michael Cherches Wayne Marcinko Donna Vinson
Ted Crouse John McAskill Ted Vinson
Richard Daniels Tom Morin Tom Welch
Stephanie Daniels Tommy Morris Russ West
Thomas Alan Dupuis Tom Mullaly Keith Whitcomb
Christina Engberg Joe Murphy David White
Greg Euston Christopher Novack Ken Williams
Fred Feltmann Donald Olds Shirley Williams
Eric Flamm Bob Ott Tim Willingham
Kristy Flowers Wade Patrick Shawn Marie Wolcott
John Pril Foote Mark Prestwich Dan Wright
Michael French Hammond Reynolds Sherry Wright
James David Harlin Pamela Roberts Warren Wright
Scott Harward Tim Roberts Mary Ellen Yeomans
Keven Hatcher David Robinson