Foothills District Recognition Banquet

The Foothills District Banquet is held every year to recognize and honor those who have worked for a quality scouting program in Cobb County. The first banquet was in 1988 for what was then the Cobb district. Each year the Awards and Recognition committee selects one volunteer as the banquet honoree, and since 2000 the banquet has had an annual theme, which allows attendees to dress up and decorate tables in the spirit of the theme.  Awards presented at the banquet include the District Honor Roll (Chicken Pin), District Award of Merit, Good Egg awards, Community Award for outstanding supporting organizations, and many others.

Note: awards presented were earned or awarded for the previous year.

Year Banquet Theme Banquet Honoree
2017 Scouting United Ted Vinson
2017 Our Volunteers are SUPER! Ted Crouse
2016 Our Volunteers are Gold Darden Borders
2015 Hollywood Nights: Where our Volunteers are Stars! Bill Russell
2014 Foothills Scouters Hit It Out of the Park Cary Bradley
2013 Foothills Volunteers are Out of this World Donna Vinson
2012 Our Volunteers … on the Right Track Mike Cherches
2011 Follow the Yellow Brick Road Tom Morin
2010 100 Years of Scouting Bob Cato
2009 Fiesta of Volunteers Maggie Franz
2008 Celebrating Our Volunteers: The Magic of Scouting Michele LaVigne
2007 Our Volunteers … Best in the World Dan Worley
2006 Mary Ellen Yeomans
2005 Celebrating our Volunteers Tommy Treat
2004 Counting our Treasure Henry Mingledorff
2003 Celebrating Scouting in them thar Foothills John Huffman
2002 9/11 Fred Feltmann
2001 Sherry Huffman
2000 Ken Williams
1999 A Night in the Tropics Shirley Williams
1998 Ginny Acocella
1997 Bill Collier
1996 James “Curt” Newton
1995 Colossal Cobb District Banquet Rex Allred
1994 Al Friel
1993 Fredericka Garlinghouse
1992 Scouter’s Recognition Banquet L.W. “Bill” Barber
1991 Scouter’s Recognition Banquet John L. Sullivan
1990 Scouter’s Recognition Banquet Jim Vaughn
1989 Scouter’s Recognition Banquet Robert Claunch
1988 Scouting Hart Gates