Distinguished Commissioner Award

This award recognizes those commissioners who provide quality service to their units in helping them succeed. To receive this award, the Commissioner must complete a specific set of requirements, including training and periods of service in commissioner roles.

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award Recipients
Note: awards presented the following year at the annual banquet.

Year Recipients
2021 Wade Patrick
2018 Mike Lotz
2016 Mike Cherches
2008 Bill Russell
Dean Harris
Lewis Hays
Bob Pino
2005 Wesley McLendon
2004 Brian Campbell
2002 Pat Bonito
Susan Hardy
Lorrie Sobierai
2001 Bob Cato
Joan Immke
1999 Dennis Esler
Tom Morin
1997 Kathy Esler
Maggie Franz
Michele LaVigne
Bill Kabel
1996 Marilyn Parker
1995 Dan Wright
1994 John Huffman
Ken Williams
1993 Sherry Huffman
1992 Jack Boutin
Ed Coyne
Nancy Johnson
Pam Googe
Jim Schornak
Shirley Williams
Mary Ellen Yeomans
1990 Bob Claunch
1987 Ginny Acocella
1985 Jim Vaughn