Order of the Arrow: How to Conduct 2017 OA Elections in Your Unit

The next couple of months we will be holding unit elections at Troop meetings to start the process of adding new members to the OA chapter.

Troops are asked to come by the OA meeting at Roundtable and schedule a time for your election at your troop meeting during January and finishing elections in February. No elections are scheduled during Cobb School Break (2-20 to 2-24).

In Addition, we are asking for volunteers both Adult and Scouts to volunteer for the upcoming Troop OA membership elections.

Since there are 31 troops in our chapter, we need about 10+ volunteers to hold elections during January and February. OA members should come by Roundtable and volunteer or email the Chapter Chief.

We have a limited amount of OA Volunteers that have signed up to help with OA election so far. And at the last Round table only 8 troops signed up. Since many troops meet on the same night, the election teams will need to travel to several troops in a night.

** Elections are not valid unless the Election Team does and sign-off on election **

Here is how to sign up:

  1. Go to Roundtable First Thursday of Next month, go to the OA room and Sign up with the Chapter Chief
  2. Or, Send an email to the Chapter Chief requesting a date and time. kenesawchief [at] aacegwa.org

A lot of coordination takes place to have a successful election with so many troops. To insure you have an election for your troop SIGN-UP now and prepare for our arrival at your meeting. Complete information and requirements can be found in this downloadable PDF file.