Internet Advancement to Scoutbook Lite Transition

The Atlanta Area Council Advancement Committee has provided the following information regarding the transition to the Scoutbook Lite system.

The Transition

Even though the actual switchover date is still in question at this point, June 1, 2018 is now the target date for the BSA to “turn on” the SCOUTBOOK Lite Internet Advancement reporting system, (hereafter, “SBL”). This will completely replace the existing ScoutNet reporting system. According to BSA sources, users who currently use the online advancement system as their primary reporting tool will see no changes to their advancement data. They will see a cosmetic change in the software presentation on the screen, but that’s all. Furthermore, these users will not see any down time during this switchover. The BSA will turn on the new system during the wee hours of the morning and it is expected to be an instantaneous switchover. However, we are recommending that all of the current internet advancement users download copies of ALL their scouts’ advancement records before the switchover actually takes place as a “just in case” precaution. The BSA has indicated that they are planning to announce the “actual” date for the switchover about a week in advance.


Current SCOUTBOOK users are also expected to see no down time, and certainly no changes of any kind to SCOUTBOOK. Since SBL will be the official advancement reporting tool, SCOUTBOOK users will automatically be able to link with SBL without any other needed actions.


Current users of third-party advancement reporting systems such as Troopmaster, or Packmaster, will have to connect to their vendor’s system and download the updates needed to complete this transition. Assuming that the BSA releases the SBL specs to these vendors before the switchover, the users for these systems will need only to follow these steps;
1) Contact vendor to confirm date that updates will be ready,
2) Connect to the vendor’s website and download these updates,
3) Test sync to SBL early to verify that you have no issues.

The senior developers of the third-party vendors will only need two days at the most to complete the updates to their systems once they receive the specs from the BSA, so the worst-case scenario for these users will be a delay of at most two days after the switchover to be able to sync with the new SBL system. For questions or concerns with third-party vendors regarding the switchover process, these users must contact their respective vendors.


Support for the new SBL will be handled by the BSA. In the Atlanta Area Council, the Program Center staff will help with this. Be aware however, that the first thing you will probably hear from them is, “did you check your issue through the SBL Help menu?” The BSA believes that the SCOUTBOOK help system can and will solve all your issues with this software. NOTE: Neither the BSA, nor the Atlanta Area Council will attempt to provide ANY support for issues related to any third-party software system. Users of these systems MUST contact their respective third-party software vendors for support and customer service for issues with these systems.