Do We Have Your Unit's Current Contact Info?

The Foothills District staff maintains a voluntary, privacy-protected contact list of all unit leaders. This information is important so that people who need to contact your unit can do so, and so that your unit leaders can receive important updates about district activities. Because our website is maintained by and for volunteers we do not have direct access to official registration information, and we depend on you to help us keep our lists up to date.

For privacy reasons, we do not publish leader contact information directly, but rather we allow people to contact leaders by means of a contact form, which does not reveal the leader's email address. Leaders themselves are free to provide that information as appropriate to anyone who may contact them.

Please review the information we have for your unit, and if anything is incorrect, use the update link on your unit's page to provide us with the current details:

  • Cub Scout Packs
  • Boy Scout Troops
  • Varsity Teams
  • Venturing Crews