Cub Scouts: Win a Pack Ice Cream Party!

Cub Scout Leaders:

Fall Festivals are happening at schools, churches, and parks. What a great opportunity to get out, enjoy the festivities, and

promote and recruit for your Pack… it could win your Pack a FREE ICE CREAM PACK PARTY!

Do you have a whirlwind of second and third chances, a campout, or an activity scheduled that is going to bring you more new Scouts? … it could win your Pack a FREE ICE CREAM PACK PARTY!

So, how does a FREE ICE CREAM PACK PARTY sound for one of your Pack meetings?!

There are TWO WAYS TO WIN:

  1. Best booth or presence at a Fall Festival or event
  2. Most recruited youth between now and October 25th

Rules of the Contest:

  • Best Booth: Submit pictures of your Scouts and booth/presence to Jacque (Jalford [at] by Nov 1. Pictures will be voted on by a Committee of non-Foothills Scouts (to avoid bias). We are looking for creativity and fun!
  • Most Recruited: All Youth applications have to be submitted and paid for by October 25. Notify Jacque or Justin when you drop off applications at the Program Center so they can track the contest.
  • Winners will be announced at the November Roundtable (first recharter turn in date) on November 2nd.
  • Ice cream party is redeemable at any time between November 2017 – December 2018.
  • Foothills is 375 Cubs away from hitting a goal of 815 new Cubs and families for the 2017 year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer Scouting to more families!

    If you have any questions, please let Jacque Alford jacquelyn.alford [at] or Justin Lundstrom justin.lundstrom [at]