Cub Scout Summer Camp at Bert Adams

Summer time will be here before you know it, and that means Summer Camp at Bert Adams! As you know, Camp is where Scouting comes alive! The great part about Bert Adams Summer Camp is that you can attend as a Pack or as individual families. What better way to spend 4-6 days in the Summer than exploring nature, riding bikes, cooling off in the pool, or taking a run at the Slip-n-slide!

The Bert Adams Camp Staff needs your help to make sure every family in your Pack knows about Summer Camp. To do this, you can arrange to hold a Summer Camp presentation at your Blue and Gold Banquet or March Pack meeting. This presentation is brief, and the Bert Adams team can give you a sample agenda, flyers, links to videos, and more. Plus, if you host a presentation to your Pack, you’ll receive a voucher for 1 free Scout to come to Summer Camp. Just make sure to have your presentation before April 30th, and that your Pack brings at least 5 Scouts to camp to qualify for the voucher.

The presentation should last about 10-15 minutes if you are able to show the video. Kits with everything you need will be available by February 17th at the Volunteer Service Center. What date can we sign up your Pack?

Don’t miss out of this great opportunity to get your families excited about Camp! To find out more download the flyer or contact Justin Lundstrom, Foothills District Executive Justin.Lundstrom [at] 770.989.2865