Charging Fees for Merit Badge Opportunities

The Atlanta Area Council has asked us to remind Boy Scout leaders that Merit Badge events are not to be used as fundraisers. From the BSA Guide to Advancement, Section

"Council, district, and multiunit merit badge fairs have become increasingly popular over the past several years. While they provide a service to our Scouts, they should not be presented as fundraisers. There are many other methods available to raise the funds necessary to operate the Scouting programs at any level. Although charging fees for merit badge fairs, clinics, or similar events is not prohibited, any fees charged should be limited to recovering the costs related to presenting the opportunity. Local councils and districts may also include in the fee a reasonable contribution to the council’s overhead and administrative costs. Using merit badge events as fundraisers, however, is discouraged, and councils may exercise their authority not to approve them."

Leaders are encouraged to stay current on Merit Badge and other advancement policies. The Merit Badge program is documented completely in Guide to Advancement Section 7.

If you have questions about merit badges that are not answered by the Guide to Advancement please contact David Jaracz.