Autumn Adventure for Adults at Philmont, October 2018

From Fred Feltmann, organizer of the Philmont Autumn Adventure:

I am planning one last hurrah for Philmont’s Autumn Adventure in October, 2018. If you are interested, contact me at Roundtable, October 5th, call me at 678-315-5888, or email me at feltmann [at]

Currently, I’m proposing a 5-day/4 night mini-trek to Philmont, covering Mt. Phillips and Tooth Of Times, but that is just option at the moment. As we form a crew (or crews), we’ll discuss this based on participant ability. Travel options are to either fly out or drive – I plan to drive because of a sinus condition that sometimes precludes flying. We’ll do some prep hikes during the summer of 2018 so that everyone can get comfortable with the other crew members and to check out equipment. We’ll discuss equipment options during our periodic meetings while planning this trip.

And on everyone’s mind, how long is this trip really and what are the costs? The trip can be as long as 12 days and as short as 7 days. It depends on mode of travel and what types of sightseeing options you might want to take while out there. Costs come to about $1300, again depending on travel/sightseeing options. In previous years the Philmont portion of the cost is $50 per day (or a total of $250. The rest is for travel, lodging, etc.).

I’d like to plan an initial meeting of all interested participants on November 12th, Sunday afternoon. More details to follow as we get closer to that date. Coming to the meeting does not commit you to the trip. Philmont will want a $50 non-refundable deposit around March 2018 (as of the 2016 trek info). Crews are 6 – 12 participants. What I’ve done in the past is collect the deposit for all participants at that time; if we have 8 for example, I normally send in the minimum (6) and pay the rest on arrival. That way if for some reason a person needs to drop, they are not necessarily out of the deposit. If we get more than 11 participants, we can form 2 crews – each going their own way. Once we get the minimum of 6 participants for a crew, we’ll send in a deposit to confirm our reservation. We can add additional participants per crew up until the day we leave ( I just have to tell them the final number before we leave for logistics purposes.) So, to wrap it up, if interested, come along for the ride – come to the November meeting. Test the waters on the prep hikes, and if you like it, join us!