A Scout Is Helpful

In this time of need, it is more important than ever for all scouts to be as helpful as they can be. To that end, we want to hear what service projects your currently working on and any ideas you had for new ones that you can share with the rest of the scouters in Foothills District! To submit a project idea, simply click the link below. To submit an idea:

  • You will have to sign with a Google/Gmail account. (Free to create if you don’t have one)
  • Your email address will only be visible if you choose to allow others to contact you
  • Be prepared, you will be required to upload a word document or pdf with additional information about your project regarding how it works, who it benefits, and how to participate.

(There may be a 3-5 min. delay in your idea showing up. Please be patient and don’t submit duplicates)

Submit a Project Idea