2018 Georgia Boy's State sponsored by American Legion Post 29

For all Scouts who are currently Juniors in High School, and their parents:

It is the time of year for each of you (and your parents) to consider applying to attend the American Legion Boy's State program this coming summer. The program is for current Juniors (those going into their Senior year in August of 2018) and is a State government modelling program that covers a week. The time frame is Sunday, 27 May 2018, through Saturday, AM, 2 June 2018, at the Riverside Military Academy in Gainseville. As in years past, American Legion Post 29 in Marietta will sponsor attendees.

Foothills District volunteer Sterling R. Spencer will assist Scouts with getting information and applying for the program

Several key points:

  • Your academic year in school is the determining factor -- not your age -- you need to be finishing your Junior year of High School this spring ( of 2018 ), to be able to go this summer.
  • The 3.0 GPA is a "hard" requirement -- and not negotiable.
  • Mr. Spencer must have your application in hand by 16 April, 2018. He will be turning in a "package" of applicants to American Legion Post 29 that week -- so that the American Legion Post has time to review applications, both from Foothills Scouts, and others, and prepare what they send to the Georgia State program in May of 2018.
  • Getting to and from Riverside is your responsibility.
  • If you apply, and are accepted, you have to go -- it is a firm commitment to American Legion Post 29 to attend.

Here is a link to the info site about Boy's State, for this year's program and, also, to the application:

Info site : http://dogboysstate.org/

Application form: http://dogboysstate.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Request-to-Attend.pdf

This program is a great "resume builder" for your College applications -- and if you commit to go, you have to go and meet that commitment -- American Legion Post 29 is paying the full costs, so, be sure before you apply.

In addition, any Scouting family who has a daughter who is a current Junior in High School is eligible for the Girls State Program -- which American Legion Post 29 also sponsors. If there are any young ladies in this category, Mr. Spencer would be pleased to help those young women get connected to the side of the house at AMLEG 29 who handle that.

Contact: Sterling Spencer sterlingspencer [at] gmail.com
Cell: 678 - 358 - 4628