2018 Foothills District Officers Elected

Foothills district officers for 2018 were elected at the November 2 annual business meeting. Officers for the coming year will be:

  • District Chair: David White
  • District Vice Chair: David Jaracz
  • District Vice Chair: Martin Smith
  • District Vice Chair: Laurie Champion

Additionally, the district electors recommend a District Commissioner, who will be appointed by the Council Commissioner. This year, Mike Lotz has been recommended for a second term as Foothills District Commissioner.

A full slate of district committee members at large was approved by the electors. Members at large serve on various committee and staff functions for the district. Any volunteer who wishes to join the district committee as a member at large my express their interest to any of the district officers or nominating committee members, and they may be added to the members at large roll by vote of members attending any district committee meeting. We happily welcome new members throughout the year.

Congratulations to all those elected, and our thanks for giving of your time to serve our youth and adult leaders in a district role. We also thank the nominating committee, which is responsible for selecting, recruiting and submitting the slate of nominees for all positions. This year's nominating committee consisted of Laurie Champion (Chair), Wade Patrick, Hilary Thornton, Stephanie Daniels, and Scott Harward.